Our Services

IT Consulting

"IDSTechnosoft" company offers the most professional IT services:

  1. IT consulting
  2. Management information systems
  3. Implementation of information systems
  4. IT Development
We design and implement web projects that help to improve business efficiency of our customers in terms of data processing.

Our solutions are:

  1. IT Consulting for implementing of good security system set up
  2. Consultanță IT a managementului informației tehnologice
  3. Standard backup procedures of information
  4. IT consulting actions for protection against spam, viruses, attacks.

Pre-sale consultation & software acquisition

IDSTechnosoft provides support in choosing the right software quality / price ratio. We are supporters of free projects and and open source applications, but we are aware of the various operating systems, antivirus programs,anti-malware programs for office: text editors, spreadsheets presentations rapid creation,videoconferencing applications, internet browsers, accounting and management programs and more.

Web Development

Are you preparing to launch a new site? Team IDSTechnosoft gives you support in all phases of the project from sites of presentation to web applications with high complex, we deliver the best solutions tailored to your requirements. May be you want to expand the marketing of products in the online environment, may be you want to make known your services or to represent your company to potential customers, creating the site is the first thing you need to keep in mind. Creating a website is an economical way to make known the company.

  1. Custom design tailored to customer requirements and activity
  2. We implement functionalities desired by the client
  3. Better positioning in search engine rankings
  4. Unlimited site development
  5. Slogan and company brand will be represented by its design and easily showed to visitors
  6. Site architecture is optimized for easy way of navigation
Our experts take into account:
  1. Segment targeted visitors
  2. The type of products / services or promoted Company Profile
  3. Promote ways that will be used after creating the site
  4. Information that wil be published on the site
  5. Possibilities for future development
We develop customized sites!
  1. A unique design to promote your business brand
  2. Panel content management (text and images), easy to use
  3. Integration of animations in website pages, photo gallery and / or video
  4. Contact form and / or other types of formulation
  5. News section or blog with the possibility of comments from visitors
  6. Google maps integration and other modules on demand
  7. Site internationalization
  8. Search engine optimization (On-Page Search Engine Optimisation)


IT Support

IT Support means providing the necessary actions of exploitation to necesary computer parameters that depend on costumer desires. We take care of systematic problems caused by software compatibility,the spontaneous situations caused by combinations settings,changes appeared on various websites that have been used,IDSTechnosoft brings all his team experience with a focus on efficiency, transparency and communication with scope of doing something best. The predefined order for channels through which support we offer is the following:
  1. Phone / e-mail
  2. Remote control via the Internet
  3. Away + solving on the spot
  4. Equipment collection + returning after problem fixing
IT support and technical support are relatively easily quantifiable, and is given by a tariff grid tariff that includes support and maintenance subscriptions.

Remote support

Through this specifications,starting with telephone help, support and assistance via e-mail and ending to Remote Support, remote-access applications,we always choose the most efficient version for source identification and troubleshooting. Remote support includes - but is not limited to - the following transactions and / or resolving problems in the following list:
  1. problems with the operating system
  2. incorect working of system aplication
  3. incompatibility of installed programs (or application's modules that have been installed )
  4. incorrect configuration of various applications that have been installed
  5. incorrect configuration of different devices at the customer's local network
  6. random errors of the software that have been used
  7. problems with e-mail box (used to display the browser or email client)
  8. malfunction of the Internet browser
  9. absence of certain client programs necessary for carrying

Install / uninstall software and remote drivers

In the process of diagnosis, troubleshooting, configuration, and remote optimization, but also on customer's request is performed installing and uninstalling software, installation and update drivers, reinstall and update applications, antivirus programs, productivity suite, special programs for various sectors activity, electronic certificates and signature programs.


Data security is important for your company?

It should be highlighted how important is sense of user's data and system security. Precisely for this reason IT security will always be the top priorities of companies, especially now when cyber attacks are made more often for profit.Attackers continuously will try to circumvent measures of cyber security, and companies should be vigilant to avoid being compromises.
But you've come to the right place. Our security solutions are designed based on a key point: peace and security of your computer.

We offer the following security services:


Our backup solutions will deliver you from worrying about the loss or compromise of data, we provide IT infrastructure consolidation, which helps to prevent disaster and data recovery. We will help you to grow the system use and resource efficiency, reducing TCO and downtime prevention.


We will help you to access Wi-Fi networks on the trip, without the potential problems that could appear when you are working with computer.VPN is best setup to your business needs. Thus, you can handle your business safely on the Internet.


Our technicians can realise the connection to your computer remotely to manually remove infections, using specialized applications.


Our solutions are compatible with a wide range of technologies and standards used today. We offer optimal solutions according to your needs.